Cigna’s Behavioral Health division supports those who are looking to recover from a drug or alcohol addiction. Depending on your individual Cigna insurance plan, your inpatient and outpatient rehab coverage will vary.

Cigna Insurance

A global health organization, Cigna has more than 86 million customer relationships around the world. Along with their mission to provide affordable healthcare for basic needs, the company helps its members with addiction treatment.

Although coverage varies depending on your individual plan, recovery services may consist of:

  • Drug rehabilitation
  • Alcohol rehabilitation
  • Detoxification
  • Counseling for addiction treatment

How Does Cigna Rehab Coverage Work?

The level of coverage you receive from Cigna for substance use treatment will vary based on your plan and the state you live in.

Preauthorization is usually required for treatment of substance use disorders. Preauthorization, also known as prior authorization or prior approval, is when your health insurer determines that a treatment or equipment is medically necessary for your condition.2 Those who require preauthorization for substance use disorder services and fail to obtain it may be responsible for paying the full cost of treatment.