In some cases, Medicaid and Medicare can help pay for detox, addiction medications and inpatient treatment centers. These programs may also be able to cover ongoing addiction treatment and mental health services.

What Are Medicaid and Medicare?

Some of the most commonly used methods for paying for drug and alcohol rehab, Medicaid and Medicare are federal- and state-funded health insurance programs. These insurance programs can provide free or low-cost drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Each program has different requirements for eligibility.

Medicaid does typically cover drug and alcohol rehab treatment. Medicaid rehab coverage may vary depending on a person’s particular insurance plan. The costs associated with substance abuse and addiction treatment may vary between Medicaid health insurance members by state.

Nearly 12% of adults with Medicaid have a substance use disorder (SUD).1 Medicaid addiction treatment coverage is now accepted at many addiction treatment centers across the country. Discover more below about how to check your Medicaid coverage, and what types of addiction treatment your Medicaid plan may cover.

Substance Use Disorder Treatment Services Covered by Medicaid

  • Diagnostic screenings for substance use disorders
  • Intervention services
  • Medical detox
  • Recovery maintenance medications such as methadone
  • Inpatient rehab
  • Outpatient rehab
  • Mental health, substance abuse and family counseling services

Find a Treatment Center

Getting sober on your own is not only dangerous during the initial detox, it is also more likely to result in a relapse later on. Addiction treatment centers provide a monitored environment where you will get the medical attention you need, as well as the emotional support to overcome drug or alcohol abuse.

Inpatient programs offer the highest level of treatment care, with medically supervised detoxification and around-the-clock care and support.

There are several options for inpatient addiction treatment. Rehabs differ by location, therapies offered, staff experience, amenities and more. It’s important to find the one that best fits your specific needs.